Oh what is life that is overcome with rife
that upends your principles far from hither
when the preacher realizes the price of pain
burns far greater than enlightenment’s gain
where was the mind & wisdom of fifty
the blind eye’s curse deeper than eternity
the tirade threw blades of fire attorney
tough thoughts words and deeds of agony
how could a father not see the irony to befall
the writing was evident at the birth of it all
as faith shakes the belief of right & wrong
the lines get blurred with each tear wring
now the path is clear across the verses
wish the hand of fate taught this in reverse
when the energy sank at the gate of paradise
who shall lift the veil of rah to see roll of dice
that the rage of wrath shall punish ten fold
the inception of deceit shall obliterate bold
the man that promised to uphold and do right
not in sight sound or touch to stop the plight
what could have been that mind was blocked
too late to lift a hand when the call was locked
thin ice this life smile and warmth of grandeur
until the storm rages and smothers unto tatter
the very purpose of life is revealed in pain
to awaken the yin while yang is in strain
why how what does suffer inferno test
make past not norm for inverse is best
monk that matters guides the world anew
leads the light for the verse to churn pew
pineal message to clear the mind off clutter
to help each other again and again no matter

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